By Dubravka Ugresic

Baba Yaga is a witch-like personality who flies round on an incredible mortar, kidnapping (and most likely consuming) babies. She lives in a home on bird toes. She is usually a terrifying determine, portrayed not just in literature but additionally movie, animation and track all through Russian tradition. Dubravka Ugresic takes the tale of Baba Yaga and weaves it into anything thoroughly clean. the result's a rare meditation on femininity, growing old, identification, secrets and techniques, storytelling and love.

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However, to speak of these constructions—cosmologies and so on—was to bring them to analytical consciousness as rational and narrative systems. That is what a philosopher, a teacher, or a priest may do. The ordinary hearer only needs to draw from the psychological, spiritual, and social resources of myth. By the time there is analytical consciousness, there is already distance, doubt, and danger of evolution and change. Mythology works best in the early stages of human and civilizational development.

He was married to Pârvatî, by whom there were two children, Ganes´a and Skanda (or Kârttikeya). Durgâ is also his wife in some myths. His vehicle is Nandi (or Nandin), the bull. He is lord of yoga, lord of the animals (pasupati), and lord of the dance (natarâja). He is the only god who left a part of himself to be worshiped by his devotees, the linga. His manifestations have the same purpose as Vishnu’s incarnations of ending evil or granting grace, but his sovereignty over the universe was preserved in another way.

So not only was a new individual consciousness produced, but also austerity (tapas) and powers (siddhis) were connected in a new way. Now the hearer of these new myths would learn of ascetic powers, those produced by yoga, fasting, vows, pilgrimages, donations of wealth, and other tangible and intangible sacrifices. All of these led to an experience of non-attachment or nonaddiction to the ordinary things of life and the resulting power to operate in the world with new strength—and even miraculous abilities (siddhis).

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