By Penelope Farmer

In introducing this notable anthology, Penelope Farmer defines fantasy as "a curious phenomenon altogether, tricky as leather-based, frafgile as glass. hardly ever a narrative bears logical research, can't be shattered by means of a blow from a pointy brain; but the very subsequent minute is complete again." She is going directly to talk about the interesting changes in addition to the marvelous likenesses within the ways that humans have attempted to provide an explanation for their international and their reviews from the very starting of time.
Penelope Farmer has accumulated over 80 tales and poems from eire, Russian, Iceland, India, principal and South the US, Australia and Borneo--to identify yet the various international locations which are represented. The production myths are grouped below the headings Earth, Man, Flood, Fire, Death, Food Plants, and The finish and the Beginning. The temper of every topic is stuck in a strong woodcut representation via the celebrated artist, Antonio Frasconi, and in an illuminating brief preface.
Out of her lifelong curiosity in myths, Penelope Farmer, the talented English author recognized for her novels for youth, has accumulated a desirable and strange assortment. it is a ebook to be precious by way of readers from younger maturity on--to be dipped into many times, at diversified occasions and in several moods, to learn aloud or to get pleasure from by myself, all through an entire life.

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