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Duct, endolymphatic narrow channel in the vestibular aqueduct, connecting the utriculosaccular duct and the endolymphatic sac of the membranous labyrinth. Syn: otic duct. duct, otic see duct, endolymphatic. duct, perilymphatic connective tissue spaces in the cochlear canaliculus, through which the scala tympani communicates with the subarachnoid space near the jugular bulb. duct, periotic see duct, perilymphatic. duct[s], semicircular three membranous tubes [superior, posterior, and lateral] contained within the semicircular canals of the bony labyrinth.

Oriented at right angles to one another, they connect by five openings with the utricle of the internal ear. duct, saccular narrow channel which connects the saccule and the endolymphatic duct. narrow channel which connects the utricle and the endolymphatic duct, utricular duct. duct, utriculosaccular narrow channel which connects the utricle and saccule of the membranous labyrinth of the internal ear with the endolymphatic duct. ductus reuniens narrow channel of the membranous labyrinth, which connects the cochlear duct and the saccule.

Plural: corpora] body. corpus caUosum [L. callosus-hard] thick band of commissural fibers interconnecting corresponding areas of the neopallial cortex. It is subdivided into a genu, a rostrum, a body, and a splenium. large midportion of the corpus callosum between the genu corpus caUosum, body and the splenium. corpus callosum, genu anterior portion of the corpus callosum. corpus caUosum, rostrum portion of the corpus callosum between the genu and the lamina rostralis. posterior portion of the corpus callosum.

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