By Marilyn Singer

Contributor note: Illustrated by way of Josée Masse

A new publication of precise reversible poems in accordance with Greek myths from the author of Mirror Mirror  
What occurs if you delay a replicate to poems approximately Greek myths? You get a brand-new point of view at the classics! and that's simply what occurs in Echo Echo, the most modern choice of reverso poems from Marilyn Singer. learn a technique, each one poem tells the tale of a well-known fable; but if learn in opposite, the poems display a brand new viewpoint! Readers will appreciate uncovering the twin issues of view in famous legends, together with the tales of Pandora’s field, King Midas and his golden contact, Perseus and Medusa, Pygmalion, Icarus and Daedalus, Demeter and Persephone, and Echo and Narcissus.
those crafty verses mix with attractive illustrations to create a suite of fourteen reverso poems to treasure.

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