By S R Gordon-Douglas

A global warfare army historical past

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Каталог сборных моделей польской фирмы

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18" to 24" ----------------------| |---- 4" to 5" ---| A maul is a wooden club or hammer that is used for driving stakes or wedges and for safety reasons should be used instead of an ax. Using an ax instead of a maul exposes the user to the danger of being cut by its sharp edge. Even if the edge is covered by a sheath, a glancing blow can cause the sheath to be ripped off or to be cut through. The pole of an ax serves as a counterweight to the blade. This counterweight adds to the balance of the ax head and helps to control and increase the force of momentum delivered to the bit.

The size of the shuttle and gauge given in the following directions is a convenient size for many projects and is also a good size to use for practicing the craft of netting. Shuttles and gauges of different sizes can be made by changing the size of the materials used. STEP 1: Fill the shuttle with twine. Start by tying a single hitch around the tongue of the shuttle and then pass the twine through the notch. Knitting Shuttle: |----| 3/4" |-------------|----|----------| 2 1/2" 1/4" 1 1/2" cross sections STEP 2: Turn the shuttle over, loop the twine around the tongue and then through the notch.

Gradually remove the surplus wood until the handle fits snugly into the dovetail notch in the head. The dovetail maul makes a good rope wrench. Pass the rope over the head of the maul and then take several wraps around the handle. The rope is then tightened by rotating the maul so that the rope wraps part way around the head of the maul. ROPE WORKS +T © 1999, Gerald L. Findley MONKEY'S PAW: + MONKEY'S PAW (turks head) + 1. overhand loop 2nd overhand loop 2. Description ---- Theform of the monkey's paw sown here is formed from four interlocking loops: a four crown turk's head.

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