By B. D. Guenther

The main updated therapy on hand on smooth optics. Covers classical issues and surveys the state-of-the-art in functions together with laser optics, fiber optics and scientific imaging. The rigorous actual method makes this text/reference compatible for classes in optics, physics and electric engineering.

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96 (1935) 342. L. W. L A B A W , / . ^ . 5 . ^ . , 16 (1945) 237; J. CEROVSKA,/. , 10 (1939) 97. F. L. HOPWOOD, Nature, 128 (1931) 748; / . Sei. , 23 (1946) 63. W. BEZ-BARDILI, Z. , 96 (1935) 761. ERNST, / . Sei. , 19(1947)474; B. COCHRAN and R. W. SAMUEL, Gen. Elec. , 47 (1944) 39. 20. D . , 18 (1940) 3. 21. W. P. M A S O N , / . , 3 (1948) 148; A. ZACEKand V. PETRZILKA Phil. , 25 (1938) 164; TSI-ZE and C. MING-SAN, / . , 9 (1938) 52. 30 SOURCES OF ULTRASOUND I 22. D . D . CARRUTHERS, unpublished work.

Optical devices: shadowgraphs, schlieren and diffraction methods; D. Microphones. A and B are used influids,C in liquids and transparent solids, and D mainly in liquids. Not all of these are suited to quantitative measurement, but we shall concentrate on those which can be used with precision. References pp. 61-62 32 DETECTION AND PROPERTIES OF ULTRASOUND II 1. Smoke Method This has been especially been practised by ANDRADE and his collaborators. When Hght solid particles or liquid drops - such as constitute tobacco smoke-are introduced into the sound field of a gas, the praticles take up the motion to an extent depending on their inertia relative to the gaseous molecules.

The best radiometer is problaby the small sphere, with means of preventing the scattered and reflected rays deriving from it reacting on the source. 4. Electrical Detectors These are of two types, (a) thermometers (b) anemometers. The compressions and rarefactions taking place in a fluid result in temperature changes, in accordance with the adiabatic law. The temperature amplitude is small, of the order of a tenth of a Centrigrade degree, so that sensitive thermometers are needed to detect it. 001" diameter and observed the oscillatory change of resistance.

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