By Günter Rohdenburg, Julia Schlüter

It truly is renowned that British and American English fluctuate considerably of their pronunciation and vocabulary - yet changes of their grammar have mostly been underestimated. This quantity specializes in British-American alterations within the constitution of phrases and sentences and helps them with computer-aided experiences of enormous textual content collections. Present-day in addition to prior sorts of the 2 forms are incorporated within the analyses. This makes it the 1st book-length therapy of British and American English grammar by contrast, with themes starting from compound verbs to be aware order adjustments and tag questions. The authors discover a few of the better-known contrasts, in addition to a very good number of cutting edge topics that experience up to now bought very little attention. Bringing jointly the paintings of a crew of best students within the box, this ebook may be of curiosity to these operating in the fields of English old linguistics, language edition and alter, and dialectology.

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The next three chapters all focus on the use of the subjunctive in English, its motivations and the contexts in which it occurs. While the subjunctive had been on the decline since Old English times, corpus-based studies have now proved that the striking appearance of mandative subjunctives in present-day AmE is a revival rather than a ‘colonial lag’. The subjunctive presumably attracts so much attention from linguists because the re-emergence of such a formal and old-fashioned feature seems unexpected in a variety that is usually characterized as receptive of innovations and colloquialisms.

Transplanting usually results in time lag before the organism, be it a geranium or a brook trout, becomes adapted to its new 1 2 For help with the retrieval of data, I am grateful to Carolin Biewer and Dorothea Halbe. The participants of the Paderborn symposium on grammatical differences between American and British English, as well as the editors of this volume, provided valuable comments on earlier versions of the chapter. ) supposes that Webster (1789: 384–5) – without actually using the term – is the first to suggest the phenomenon of ‘colonial lag’, especially in New England.

Are used less often. The analyses identify a number of additional contextual constraints determining the choice between the two competing options. The study by Douglas Biber, Jack Grieve and Gina Iberri-Shea (Chapter 9) investigates diachronic trends in the structure of noun phrases in BrE and AmE by quantifying differences in the functional load of pre- and postmodification structures. Generally, noun phrases in both varieties have become more densely informational and syntactically complex.

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